Sehr tolle Bilderserie von Nick Criscuolo:

This is a gallery of inkjet prints that have been melted and distorted in various ways, turning them back into originals. It starts with different distortions of the last photo of Charles Darwin, then goes into manipulations of astronaut images. In addition there are images made from other public domain photography as well as my own photos.Many of these Inkjet Paintings were made at Art Colonies such as MacDowell, Yaddo, and IPark, who I would like to thank for the time an space to work. Some are composited into my ongoing and unreleased animation project „Anima 4096“ as talking head narrator characters.A subset of these images were featured in the gallery show „Helms of the Homunculus“ in May 2013 at Porter Mill Gallery in Beverly MA.

Erinnert mich sehr stark an die Gemälde von Francis Bacon, für den ich nun mal eine Schwäche habe, also: ganz viel Liebe für Mr. Criscuolo!


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